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500g’s of honeycomb makes an incredibly rich delicious treat when cut into bite size pieces. It also makes an amazing centerpiece to any platter and is the absolute standout of our cheese and fruit boards. There truly is nothing like the divine texture of biting into a honeycomb piece, followed by that sweetness explosion of deep rich flavours that keep on changing over your pallet. If you have never tried fresh honeycomb its an absolute must. It’s the pick of our honey products but be careful because we think you will be coming straight back for more. It truly is an experience.

Harvesting honeycomb couldn’t be simpler. We cut pieces of comb that have come directly out from the hive and put them straight into your container, top it up with honey, and put a label on it and its ready to go to market. Pure in its most natural form.

What makes honeycomb so special to that the bees work a little harder to make that wax. It actually takes 10 teaspoons of honey to make one teaspoon of beeswax. Quite an effort for those little bees, but it’s much appreciated.


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